How to repair broken semi rimless glasses frame

Repairing your own Semirimless Glasses can be both easy and the better option.
When the string supporting the lens of my semi rimless popped, I had it professionally repaired, i noticed they widened the hole for the string, and within 1 week their string popped.

Here are two solutions how to fix you glasses.

Please be careful. And of course I have to mention - please do at your own risk. You are accepting reponsibility
for what ever happens with your glasses - should you chose to follow these steps.

First: The not so easy solution :(

1. you need any string thin enough to fit in the hole of the string that popped and maybe a tweezer or pliers.

2. make a knot at one end of the string.

3. pass the string through one hole of your glasses and make a knot. if the knot is not big enough, make another knot over it and another one over that one until it is big enough to anchor the string to one side of your glasses.

4. run the string through the other hole.

5. place your lens into the frame and pull the string tight to determine where the knot on the other end must be.

6. remove lens and make knot. You can make the knot where u had determined the knot to be.


7. place lens in rim. Place lens in first against the solid frame and then bit by bit push the string up onto the side around the lens.

Second: BETTER - easy, quick, more reliable, less likely to damage your glasses

1. tape it! :) Many people give restoration solutions, but I recommend this one the best - for the sake of time and safety to your glasses. Of course any tape will do, but transparent tape works best.

(the best solution would the two options together - the string keeps the glasses ALWAYS properly oriented, and the tape ensures it never falls out)

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