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Here is how to build a simple cat eye reflector for your model car track like the one you find on the road or on a bicycle. A cat eye reflector follows a simple principle. If you have mirrors 90 degrees to each other, you can show geometrically that light will bounce back in the same direction it came from - regardless of the direction the light.
The bouncing back of light from a car’s headlight into your eyes, of course, is what makes the cat eye reflectors on the road shine.
To make a cat eye reflector you need a siccors, glue, aluminum foil and two blocks of wood. I cut a wooden 1 cm thick by 3 cm wide stick I found to make my two blocks.

To make the first pair of mirrors, place the blocks on the aluminum foil to serve as a template for the aluminum foil you will cut out.
Find the less reflective side of the aluminum foil and apply glue evenly on the entire side.

Set the blocks to form an L shape.

Press the glue side of the aluminum foil into the "seat" side of the "L".
Trim off excess aluminum foil

Place the "L" on its side on the aluminum foil to get the 'L' side of THE RECTANGLE you have to cut. Cut out the rectangles - using the outer 'L' not the inner 'L'. Do this step twice because you need two inner mirrors to complete the reflector.
Lay "L" flat and apply glue too the "L".
Press one of the first of two rectangles onto "L" to make the first inner mirror.
Repeat this step for the other side.
I made about 30 reflectors. Here is the cat eye reflector in action.
Here is the drive way/street with the lights on - or 'in the day' :).
Here is the drive way/street with the lights off :). Here is the drive way/street with very little light - night driving :). Notice only the cat eye reflectors are visible and a little bit of the top of the bus. Other than that every where else is pitch black!

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