Check if your UGG's are real !!!

People selling ​​and even buying fake or counterfeit designer products can land in big trouble. We were falsely accused of selling false ugg boots. We were frustrated and angry because we knew that our boots were authentic.
So we had to prove to that our boots were genuine and send photographic evidence to Ugg 'Austrlia. After a few emails we convinced Ugg Australia that our boots were genine. In order for people to easily recognize counterfeit UGGs we have all of the features shown here, the real Ugg must have.

Your Ugg's should have certificates of authenticity, without spelling errors and clear printing.

The shoe sole of the right shoe has a small R and must not be hard .. counterfeits can hardly bend.

Genuine Uggs have this sole design.

Genuine Mini Bailey Button UGGs are made in China or Vietnam not in Australia .. and have no labels hanging on the shoe!

Holograms have to be on it.

Genuine Uggs are in boxes and not in bags, A real ugg box looks like this picture shows.


Genuine Ugg's have a printed hologram inside of the left shoe.

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